2021-06-15 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate main
2021-03-12 Armaan BhojwaniMajor updates to case design
2021-01-26 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary OLED and joystick screw holes
2021-01-22 Armaan BhojwaniRemove extra whitespace around variables
2021-01-22 Armaan BhojwaniRearrage case files
2021-01-15 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate README
2021-01-15 Armaan BhojwaniRename firmware files
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2021-01-13 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate README
2020-07-17 Phil Hagelbergdate change, switch tweak.
2020-03-08 Phil HagelbergUpdate changelog with Keyboardio Atreus.
2020-03-02 Phil HagelbergAdd love2d typing simulation.
2020-03-02 Phil HagelbergDeck Mark V
2019-11-17 Phil Hagelbergdeck things.
2019-08-28 Phil HagelbergAdd legends for Atreus 2.
2019-08-24 Phil HagelbergFirst pass at 4th deck prototype.
2019-05-20 Phil HagelbergMuch more compact design.
2019-04-09 Phil HagelbergCase design in Racket.
2019-03-31 Phil HagelbergAdd two middle switches, raise microcontroller pads.
2019-03-31 Phil HagelbergRevert changes to create split PCB.
2019-03-29 Phil HagelbergProgrammatically place repeated traces.
2019-03-27 Phil HagelbergRedesign PCB; rev 3.
2018-07-29 Phil HagelbergUpdate readme.
2018-07-28 Phil HagelbergSome assembly updates.
2018-06-02 Phil HagelbergMinor assembly instruction improvements.
2017-10-21 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #32 from aweltsch/fix-openscad-depre...
2017-10-21 Andre WeltschReplace child() with children().
2017-08-07 Phil HagelbergBending middle pins for Matias switches is no longer...
2017-08-07 Phil HagelbergMake the case files clearer for Alps vs Cherry.
2017-08-07 Phil HagelbergSplit spacer for the case.
2017-08-03 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #30 from bergie/vcarve
2017-08-02 Henri BergiusAdd VCarve file for the keyboard case
2017-04-15 Phil HagelbergLandscape assembly guide, with some revisions.
2017-04-11 Phil HagelbergUpdated assembly instructions
2017-03-29 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #27 from lucwastiaux/master
2017-03-28 lucwastiauxmore descriptions and added cost
2017-03-28 lucwastiauxrenamed directory
2017-03-28 lucwastiauxfixed image tag
2017-03-28 lucwastiauxformatted image and bold words
2017-03-28 lucwastiauxformatting
2017-03-27 lucwastiauxadded quantity
2017-03-27 lucwastiauxadded specs for the screws and nuts
2017-03-27 lucwastiauxrename
2017-03-15 sohaltfix link to signature plastics DSA keycap set
2017-02-27 lucwastiauxadded overall dimensions
2017-02-27 lucwastiauxadded illustrator files and readme
2017-02-08 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #25 from rotlaus/patch-1
2017-02-02 Andre AdrianFixed matias link in BOM
2016-08-10 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #24 from milkypostman/patch-1
2016-08-10 Phil HagelbergFix ergodox link.
2016-08-10 Phil HagelbergZip tie works for strain relief.
2016-08-09 Donald CurtisConsider hand separation when placing cable screws
2016-07-12 Phil HagelbergPrices on the BOM are way out of date.
2016-07-12 Phil HagelbergAdd guide for lacquering.
2016-04-21 Phil HagelbergAdd a warning about removing keycaps.
2016-03-18 Phil HagelbergAdd 3mm-alps-all file for convenience.
2016-03-18 Phil HagelbergReadme formatting.
2016-03-18 Phil HagelbergDocument change to TMK and Matias in readme.
2016-03-14 Phil HagelbergNew revision of assembly instructions; flipped.
2016-02-11 Phil HagelbergTidy up last page of assembly instructions.
2016-02-11 Phil HagelbergMention strain relief.
2016-02-04 Andrew Albingeradding files for 3D printing
2016-01-26 Phil HagelbergNote about alps in dxf dir.
2015-10-10 Phil HagelbergFix Kicad link. Closes #18.
2015-10-09 Phil HagelbergFix taped-pins photo; thanks @arthurnn.
2015-10-06 Phil HagelbergNew instructions for attaching the controller.
2015-06-08 Phil HagelbergAdd prototype to changelog.
2015-06-08 Phil HagelbergUpdate position of backslash in readme.
2015-05-09 Phil HagelbergAdd Alps switch plate EPS file to case/ dir.
2015-05-06 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #16 from jakegavin/patch-1
2015-05-06 Jake GavinFix typos in readme
2015-03-23 Phil HagelbergRecommend testing before all switches are installed.
2015-03-21 Phil HagelbergAdvise holding onto the diode leg during trimming.
2015-03-21 Phil HagelbergSome changes to the assembly guide.
2015-03-02 Phil HagelbergCheck .eps files in for the case.
2015-02-21 Phil HagelbergAdd assembly guide source.
2015-01-27 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #15 from cy384/master
2015-01-24 Phil HagelbergAdd description of circuit board to readme.
2015-01-24 Phil HagelbergClarify non-canonical openscad case.
2015-01-24 cy384Openscad option to split the spacer layer of the case...
2014-12-09 Phil HagelbergShift arrow keys over a bit on L2.
2014-12-09 Phil HagelbergLink to images of each revision in changelog.
2014-12-08 Phil HagelbergAdd details to the changelog.
2014-11-26 Phil HagelbergMove build logs list to the wiki.
2014-11-26 Phil HagelbergFinish rev2 of the PCB design.
2014-11-18 Phil HagelbergAdd notch, expose reset pin in circuit board.
2014-11-14 Phil HagelbergAdd change log.
2014-11-14 Phil HagelbergLink to Jesse Roberts' build.
2014-11-14 Phil HagelbergFix firmware link.
2014-11-01 Phil HagelbergMerge pull request #12 from dbordak/master
2014-11-01 Daniel BordakFix broken link.
2014-10-31 Phil HagelbergBoard-mount holes should be non-plated.
2014-10-31 Phil HagelbergLink to mailing list.
2014-10-31 Phil HagelbergA few more readme tweaks.
2014-10-30 Phil HagelbergLink to Atreus kit selling site in readme.