2021-07-19 Armaan Bhojwanixsel: new script main
2021-07-19 Armaan Bhojwaniemail: new script
2021-07-16 Armaan Bhojwanibrownoutd: exit cleanly
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwanibrownoutd: new script
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwaniemail: new script
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwanidweb: adapt for chromium
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwaniinp: fix quotes
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwanikiss-hook: simplify
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwanikiss-gen-tarball: new script
2021-07-15 Armaan Bhojwanikiss-git: new script
2021-07-06 Armaan Bhojwanirss: implement parallel downloads
2021-07-06 Armaan Bhojwanissh: add script
2021-07-06 Armaan Bhojwanikiss-hook: add script
2021-07-06 Armaan Bhojwanirss: add script
2021-07-06 Armaan Bhojwanifmt, inp: fix manpage headings
2021-07-05 Armaan Bhojwanifmt: remove trailing whitespace
2021-07-05 Armaan Bhojwanifmt: add script
2021-07-05 Armaan Bhojwaniinp: add script
2021-07-05 Armaan Bhojwani*.c: run clang-format
2021-06-29 Armaan Bhojwanitmuxt: pass arguments to st instead of tmux
2021-06-29 Armaan Bhojwanislink: add program
2021-06-22 Armaan Bhojwanidweb: transform from bookmarks
2021-06-21 Armaan Bhojwanisetter, dwmsetroot: drop scripts
2021-06-21 Armaan Bhojwaniscoop-cgi: add logbot archive capabilities
2021-06-18 Armaan Bhojwanidwmsetroot: new script
2021-06-18 Armaan Bhojwanichrooter: drop script
2021-06-18 Armaan Bhojwanitmuxt: new script
2021-06-16 Armaan Bhojwanibookmarks: add script
2021-06-16 Armaan BhojwaniFix small man issues
2021-06-02 Armaan Bhojwaniscoop-cgi: make more bug resistant
2021-06-01 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: add emacs
2021-06-01 Armaan Bhojwaniman: fix man link bold
2021-06-01 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: remove dunst daemon
2021-06-01 Armaan Bhojwanigit-check: convert from bash to sh
2021-06-01 Armaan Bhojwanisetter: make posix and modify argument parsing
2021-05-31 Armaan Bhojwanimakefile: seperate man installation target
2021-05-31 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: switch to using xmodmap
2021-05-31 Armaan BhojwaniMake "all" a required target to install
2021-05-30 Armaan BhojwaniWrite more manpages
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanifix-flatpak-theme: add quote marks
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanifmt-music: add comment
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanixdg-default-browser: rename from ff-xdg-default
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanitweet-cgi: convert to CGI script from tweet-grab
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanifortune-cgi: rename from fortune-online
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimeta: change scdoc compile output
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimorse: cast argc to void
2021-05-30 Armaan BhojwaniFix indentation on all programs
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanigit-check: cleanup
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimeta: update build system
2021-05-30 Armaan BhojwaniWrite manpages
2021-05-30 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unused programs
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimeta: add GNUmakefile
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwaniscoop-cgi: update homepage
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwaniscoop-cgi: add script. prints irc logs from scoop
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimeta: switch README to plaintext format
2021-05-30 Armaan Bhojwanimorse: switch unprintable character to ?
2021-05-24 Armaan Bhojwanifortune-online: add program
2021-05-17 Armaan Bhojwanisignal-finder: add script
2021-05-15 Armaan Bhojwanimorse: add program
2021-05-15 Armaan Bhojwanicrontab-argh: fix permissions
2021-05-12 Armaan Bhojwanipassmenu: fix hardcoded username
2021-05-07 Armaan Bhojwanipassmenu: switch to pash
2021-05-07 Armaan Bhojwanipassmenu: quote variables
2021-05-07 Armaan Bhojwanipassmenu: add script
2021-05-06 Armaan BhojwaniRemove short and unused scripts
2021-05-01 Armaan Bhojwanipubup: change subdomain and variable expansion
2021-04-21 Armaan Bhojwanipubup: add variable expansion
2021-04-21 Armaan Bhojwanicrontab-argh: add more detail to comment at start
2021-04-21 Armaan Bhojwanisetter: change line break
2021-04-11 Armaan Bhojwanitides: add current working directory v0.0.1
2021-04-11 Armaan Bhojwanitides: add current time info
2021-04-10 Armaan Bhojwanitides: new program, simple fetch program
2021-04-09 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: optionally get sleep duration from command...
2021-04-09 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: regenerate index on every run
2021-04-07 Armaan Bhojwanipubup: add script
2021-04-06 Armaan Bhojwanifortune: make seed POSIX compliant
2021-04-05 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: add logo and favicon.png
2021-04-05 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: remove css copying
2021-04-05 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: update for loop style
2021-04-05 Armaan Bhojwanicrontab-argh: remove unnecessary return
2021-04-04 Armaan Bhojwanicrontab-argh: add program
2021-04-04 Armaan Bhojwaniautobuild: don't assume tcc
2021-03-30 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: add syncthing
2021-03-30 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: simplify
2021-03-29 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: remove wallpaper logic
2021-03-21 Armaan Bhojwanifmt-music: add script
2021-03-20 Armaan Bhojwanitweet-grab: cleanup
2021-03-17 Armaan Bhojwanichrooter: add script
2021-03-09 Armaan BhojwaniAdd autobuild and gitignore for C programs
2021-03-08 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: minify HTML
2021-03-08 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: switch "find | while read" to "for in"
2021-03-07 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: add --experimental-backends to picom
2021-03-07 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart: combine with keyboard-swap
2021-03-07 Armaan Bhojwaniautostart, kbd-swap: kill other instances first
2021-03-06 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: fix gen-url
2021-03-06 Armaan Bhojwani0x0, system-setup: delete scripts
2021-03-06 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: add many more options
2021-03-06 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: fix git running in the wrong directory
2021-03-06 Armaan Bhojwanigit-mirror: add script
2021-03-04 Armaan Bhojwanifortune: add more bad input checks