descriptionMy system configuration
last changeMon, 5 Jul 2021 00:14:51 +0000 (20:14 -0400)
2021-07-05 Armaan Bhojwanitmux: unbind prefix main
2021-07-03 Armaan Bhojwaniash: fortify CFLAGS
2021-07-03 Armaan Bhojwaniash: add kmake alias for kernel make
2021-07-03 Armaan Bhojwaniash: remove lanex alias
2021-07-03 Armaan Bhojwaniash: switch to zst compression for KISS
2021-07-01 Armaan BhojwaniAlphabetize dolists
2021-07-01 Armaan BhojwaniDisable line numbers in man mode and select window
2021-07-01 Armaan BhojwaniImplement sh-mode improvements
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwaniash: move distcc files
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwanizathura: switch to a light theme
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwanisx: xhost before starting dwm
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwaniash: remove bin repo from KISS
2021-07-01 Armaan BhojwaniUse chorizo as generic browser
2021-07-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd org-table-wrap-functions package
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwaniash: put jupyter and ipython in XDG base dirs
2021-07-01 Armaan Bhojwaniash: use clang as CC
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