2021-07-13 Armaan BhojwaniReduce refresh time master
2021-06-23 Armaan BhojwaniSimplify overly complex awk command
2021-06-21 Armaan BhojwaniAdd charge status indicator
2021-06-21 Armaan BhojwaniRemove delimiter option
2021-06-21 Armaan BhojwaniAdd customizations
2020-12-27 torrinfailMerge pull request #40 from IGeraGera/IGeraGera-patch-1
2020-12-24 torrinfailMerge pull request #39 from Strahinja/master
2020-12-24 torrinfailMerge pull request #41 from victor-timofei/master
2020-12-23 Victor TimofeiFix LDFLAGS for Ubuntu
2020-12-22 IGeraGeraUpdated README with new patch
2020-12-19 IGeraGeraUpdate README.md
2020-11-18 Страхиња РадићAdded the call to pclose() when the output from the...
2020-09-09 aidanOnly open X server once rather than open and close...
2020-09-05 aidanConsolidated X11 based code into the setroot function
2020-08-29 aidanFixed issue with empty command delimiter
2020-08-27 torrinfailMerge pull request #29 from keikari/patch-2
2020-08-27 aidanfixed output from commands without a newline end.
2020-08-19 aidanAdded back the ability to change compiler with CC envir...
2020-08-19 aidanUnified style for if, for, and while statements. As...
2020-08-18 torrinfailMerge pull request #30 from toniz4/master
2020-08-17 Cássio Ribeiro... updated readme with new statuscmd patch
2020-08-16 keikariUpdate dwmblocks.c
2020-08-16 keikariUpdate dwmblocks.c
2020-08-15 keikariSmall fix
2020-08-14 aidanManual merge of pull request #19. This adds multi-chara...
2020-08-14 aidanRemoved call to redundant call to exit()
2020-08-13 torrinfailMerge pull request #12 from kdkasad/patch-1
2020-08-12 aidanfixed signal handling on OpenBSD by using SIGUSR1 inste...
2020-08-12 torrinfailUpdate README.md
2020-08-12 torrinfailMerge pull request #15 from tomboehmer/issue9
2020-08-12 torrinfailUpdate README.md
2020-08-12 Aidanadded blocks.def.h to act as default blocks file so...
2020-07-28 torrinfailMerge pull request #17 from tph5595/patch-1
2020-07-28 torrinfailMerge branch 'master' into patch-1
2020-07-06 AidanAdded variable in makefile to change c compiler
2020-06-11 torrinfailMerge pull request #8 from markcaudill/master
2020-05-30 Taylor HendersonFixed argument order for gcc
2020-05-28 Tom BöhmerFixes #9 - determine the size of the status buffer...
2020-05-04 Kian KasadChange `cp`/`chmod` to `install`
2020-04-18 AidanSwitched to ISC license
2020-04-18 torrinfailStart transition to ISC license
2020-04-16 aidanremoved unused replace function
2020-04-16 torrinfailMerge pull request #3 from crian/master
2020-04-01 Mark CaudillProposed fix for issue #5.
2020-03-03 crianMakefile: Set permission
2020-03-02 crianMakefile: Add uninstall
2020-03-02 crianMakefile: Use DESTDIR and PREFIX
2019-12-16 AidanMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/torrinfail...
2019-12-16 AidanAdded ifndef for openbsd compatibility. SIGRTMIN is...
2019-12-12 AidanChanged Makefile to use pkg-config to find libraries.
2019-11-30 AidanSwitched to fgets instead of using fgetc
2019-11-30 Aidanfixed issue causing segfault on ARM systems
2019-11-27 Aidan HubertFixed garbled last commit
2019-11-27 AidanAdded -p option for printing to stdout rather then...
2019-11-27 AidanAdded -f option to rm in clean command.
2019-11-13 AidanMade dwmblocks way more efficient by only setting the...
2019-11-07 AidanRevert "Changed delimeter to accept multiple characters."
2019-11-04 AidanChanged delimeter to accept multiple characters.
2019-03-30 Aidanadded icons and delimeter
2019-03-27 AidanChanged Makefile to also complie when running install.
2019-03-25 AidanFixed for loop in getstatus()
2019-03-25 AidanAdded more to readme.
2019-03-25 AidanAdded install option.
2019-03-25 AidanAdded function declarations and renamed setrootcmd...
2019-03-24 AidanChanged commands to use ~ instead of /home/aidan
2019-03-24 AidanChanged makefile to include X11 libraries.
2019-03-24 AidanAdded code files, and Makefile.
2019-03-24 torrinfailInitial commit