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2021-07-29 Armaan BhojwaniMake somewhat POSIX compliant main
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2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniIterate over arguments instead of only taking 1st
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate README
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniClean up "svg2img"
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniSpecify fill="none" for transparency in SVG
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate README, clarify license information
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniComplete repo restructure
2021-01-09 Armaan BhojwaniRemove pre-generated images from repo
2021-01-08 Armaan BhojwaniFurther optimize SVG files
2021-01-07 Armaan BhojwaniCombine scripts to a single, more streamlined one
2021-01-07 Armaan BhojwaniAdd LICENSE file with CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
2021-01-06 Armaan BhojwaniRecreate logo as simple SVG and convert to bitmap
2020-12-09 Armaan Bhojwaniadd LICENSE
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