2022-02-03 Armaan BhojwaniHandle empty argv master
2021-05-06 Armaan BhojwaniAdd -std=c99 to Makefile
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unused include
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniFix compatibility with GNU make
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniConvert Makefile to being POSIX compatible
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniCleanup comment in insults.c
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniCleanup configure script
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate README
2021-05-03 Armaan BhojwaniRemove PAM authentication option
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniAdd insult option to doas.conf v6.9
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniChange the way insults are enabled
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniFix configuration
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniRemove extra include
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate LICENSE and README
2021-04-04 Armaan BhojwaniAdd basic insult capability
2021-02-03 Duncan Overbruckfix some wording in
2021-02-03 Lukas Hannenfixed typo in
2021-01-28 Duncan OverbruckReplace build/installation instructions with discourage...
2021-01-28 Duncan Overbruckremove pam.d configuration files
2021-01-28 Duncan Overbruckapply missing man page changes v6.8.1
2021-01-28 teduespie reminds me that EOF can happen for errors as...
2021-01-28 millertPromote nrules/maxrules to size_t and make sure they...
2021-01-28 martijns/authorization/authentication/g
2021-01-28 martijnBe more explicit by stating that the -n flag is linked...
2021-01-28 Duncan Overbruckcorrectly reset path for rules without specific command
2021-01-28 teduafter reading a too long line, restart at the beginning...
2021-01-28 mikebincrement the line number after the line continuation...
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckremove unused pam.d file v6.8
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckpam: use PAM_REINITIALIZE_CRED
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: respect environment and make CFLAGS
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckpam.d: include system-auth for auth, account and session
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: use LDLIBS instead of setting LDFLAGS
2020-11-14 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: fix verrc check
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: add setresgid, setreuid and setregid checks
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: add freebsd support
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckadd pam.d file for MacOSX
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckuse wheel group on MacOSX
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: don't set --no-as-needed on MacOSX while...
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd/closefrom.h: include path.h for _PATH_DEV...
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckadd back execvpe fallback
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbrucksimplify makefile
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: define CURDIR for all targets
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckfix portability issues with configure script
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbrucklink libutil for setusercontext on NetBSD
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckset _OPENBSD_SOURCE on NetBSD
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckpam.c: free rsp in case of failure
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckpam.c: remove dead assignment
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckremove includes.h and move the prototypes to doas.h
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd: clean up readpassphrase compat and fix...
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckuse config.h and link objects instead of libopenbsd.a
2020-11-12 Sunil Nimmagaddaopendoas: Fallback for setresuid(2).
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckmove HOST_NAME_MAX to the top and add it to shadow.c
2020-11-12 Duncan Overbruckcheck for login_cap.h and use setusercontext if available
2020-11-05 jmcfix SEE ALSO;
2020-11-05 knAdd nolog option to avoid syslog(3)
2020-11-05 knImprove error message on missing permission
2020-11-05 jmclist example files in FILES with a short description...
2020-11-05 schwarzebriefly mention /etc/examples/ in the FILES section...
2020-11-05 Sunil NimmagaddaFallback definition for HOST_NAME_MAX.
2020-11-02 Sunil NimmagaddaHonor --sysconfdir option for doas.conf path.
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp.c: remove warning for normal case v6.6.1
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp.c: check fstat(2) instead of separate stat(2)
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp.c: correctly NUL terminate buffer read from...
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp.c: add some more error/warning messages
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp.c: already return on 22th field of /proc...
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbruckdoas.c: initialize mygetpwuid_r result
2020-02-03 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd: define __dead as noreturn
2020-01-08 Ivy FosterChange binary permissions to 4755. Closes #26
2019-11-23 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: remove version v6.6
2019-11-23 Duncan Overbruckdoas.c: remove dead ifdefs to unclutter code
2019-11-23 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp: simplify
2019-11-21 Duncan Overbruckconfigure: make {UID,GID}_MAX configurable
2019-10-19 teduadd some checks to avoid UID_MAX (-1) here. this is...
2019-10-19 semariecorrect some unveil(2) violations due to "login.conf...
2019-10-19 Duncan Overbruckfixup unveil
2019-10-19 tedufix one last edge case regarding PATH, allows simpler...
2019-10-19 tedunote that authentication is required, unless otherwise...
2019-10-19 deraadtsnprintf/vsnprintf return < 0 on error, rather than -1.
2019-10-19 tedufix some more fallout from setting path in setuserconte...
2019-10-19 teduadd an example hint that shows how original path can...
2019-10-19 tedutweak wording a bit. always talk about creating a new...
2019-10-19 schwarzemore precisely describe what happens to the environment...
2019-10-19 schwarzemention that doas(1) resets the umask(2); OK tedu@
2019-10-19 tedusetusercontext resets PATH (which we want). but then...
2019-10-19 tedumention environment resetting here as well. ok millert
2019-10-19 tedualways reset the "su" variables, which is more consiste...
2019-10-19 teduredo the environment inheritance to not inherit. it...
2019-10-19 tedua few cleanups and simplifications possible now that...
2019-10-19 teduuse getpwuid_r to avoid problems with hidden static...
2019-07-26 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd/closefrom.c: remove config.h include
2019-07-26 Duncan update the readme to match the current state
2019-07-26 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd: remove MacOSX compat functions, its not...
2019-07-26 Duncan Overbrucklibopenbsd/closefrom.c: sync with sudo
2019-07-26 Duncan Overbrucktimestamp: error out if fstat and lstat st_ino and...
2019-01-30 Duncaenpam: close timestamp fd in both both processes
2019-01-30 Duncaenshadow: clear phassphrase earlier
2019-01-30 Ivy FosterAdd generated file parse.c to .gitignore and 'make...
2019-01-30 Ivy Fosterconfigure: list --with-timestamp in help, since without...
2019-01-30 Duncaenshadow: clear the password even after a mismatch
2019-01-30 teduclear the password even after a mismatch