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last changeMon, 18 Oct 2021 01:11:54 +0000 (21:11 -0400)
2021-10-18 Armaan BhojwaniInitial config changes master
2021-05-06 Hiltjo Posthumautil: trim() fix for UB on pointer arithmetic
2021-05-05 Hiltjo PosthumaREADME: fix a minor typo and make a small rewording
2021-05-05 Hiltjo PosthumaMakefile improvements
2021-05-05 Hiltjo Posthumautil: dial: no need for a static struct hints
2021-05-05 Hiltjo Posthumautil: fix a shadowed variable name `srv`
2021-05-05 Hiltjo Posthumafix undefined behaviour of using isspace ctype function
2021-05-05 Hiltjo Posthumafix an out-of-bounds read if the input is ""
2020-10-11 Hiltjo Posthumafix include: include sys/select.h for select(2) and...
2017-03-18 Anselm R Garbeadded Joerg Jung's pledge patch
2014-12-22 Anselm R Garbeapplied Troels unbuffer stdin patch, thanks
2014-11-19 Anselm R Garbefix dist target, thanks Dimitris!
2014-11-14 Anselm R Garbemissed to remove old .hgtags
2014-11-14 Anselm R Garbeapplied 3 additional patches by Dimitris
2014-11-12 Anselm R Garbeapplied Eric's follow up patch
2014-11-02 Anselm R Garbeapplied Eric's config.def.h patch
9 months ago master