2021-01-26 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate style according to Flake8 main
2021-01-26 Armaan BhojwaniReduce amount of information returned
2021-01-26 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate license year
2021-01-26 Armaan BhojwaniFix "tell me more" returning a tuple
2020-12-20 Armaan Bhojwaniadd tell me more support with sqlite database
2020-12-19 Armaan Bhojwaniadd detection for words like "the" in the query
2020-12-19 Armaan Bhojwanirun `docker build` as build user
2020-12-19 Armaan Bhojwanilogin before pulling image
2020-12-19 Armaan Bhojwanifix autosuggestion issue, and some refactoring
2020-12-16 Armaan Bhojwanifixe search concatonation, improve usability
2020-12-16 Armaan Bhojwaniupdate build.yml, add build badge
2020-12-16 Armaan Bhojwanifirst commit