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mainMake somewhat POSIX compliantArmaan Bhojwani10 months
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2021-07-29Make somewhat POSIX compliantHEADmainArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-19Ignore the pregenerated logo when running svg2imgArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-09Add LICENSE fileArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-09Update READMEArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-09Iterate over arguments instead of only taking 1stArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-09Update READMEArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-08Clean up "svg2img"Armaan Bhojwani
2021-01-08Specify fill="none" for transparency in SVGArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-08Update README, clarify license informationArmaan Bhojwani
2021-01-08Complete repo restructureArmaan Bhojwani