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Project Description Owner Last Change
24pad.git 24 key macro pad from half... 16 months ago
admone.git A tolerable Zsh prompt 2 years ago
asd-repo.git ASD Linux software repository 18 months ago
atreides.git Descendent of Atreus 23 months ago
bettersearch.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 18 months ago
bin.git Useful small programs 22 months ago
cdir.git A better directory listing... 2 years ago
charsel.git Terminal character selector 2 years ago
chorizo.git A simple web browser using... 19 months ago My system configuration 23 months ago
dmenu.git Personal dmenu build 22 months ago
dockerfiles.git Custom dockerfiles that I use 2 years ago
dotfiles.git Files with a dot 18 months ago
dwm.git Personal dwm build 22 months ago
dwmblocks.git Personal dwmblocks build 22 months ago
etc.git My /etc 22 months ago
gen-shell.git Generic repl 2 years ago
gitolite-admin.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
libacheam.git Personal C library 2 years ago
lightcards-gemini.git Lightcards Gemini capsule 2 years ago
lightcards-http.git Lightcards website 2 years ago
lightcards.git Markdown flashcards 2 years ago
logo.git My logo 22 months ago
mmenu.git School lunch menu viewer 2 years ago
momen.git School lunch menu viewer 2 years ago
norepinephrine_wm.git Modeling the Effects of Norepi... 21 months ago
opendoas.git Fork of OpenDoas that insults you 15 months ago
phrases.git Latin famous phrases in the... 2 years ago
pong.git ncurses pong game 2 years ago
scdoc-mode.git Emacs major mode for scdoc... 2 years ago
sic.git Personal sic build 19 months ago
slock.git Personal slock build 2 years ago
st.git Personal st build 22 months ago
stagit.git Personal fork of stagit 2 years ago A simple Discord Wikipedia bot 2 years ago
testing.git Unnamed repository; edit this... No commits
zpe.git A tolerable Zsh plugin manager 2 years ago