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maindo not simplify the history by first-parentHiltjo Posthuma9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-05do not simplify the history by first-parentHEADmainHiltjo Posthuma
2021-04-20Removes unused CSSArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-19update LICENSEArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-19Increase max widthArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-18Rename desc to descriptionArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-18Fix segfault by moving fcloseArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-18Add 100ch max widthArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-18Add desc file and fix table madnessArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-17Switch to Emacs syntax highlightingArmaan Bhojwani
2021-04-16Fix leaksArmaan Bhojwani