Remove CursesError exception
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2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniRemove CursesError exception main v0.7.0
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unused variables
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniFix sidebar showing wrong side of card
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniDo all computation before clearing screen
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniFix open in external editor
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniZfill percent done to 3 places
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniFix sidebar "(xyz more)" text
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniClean up enumerates
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniRename confirm_quit option to quit_confirmation
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAdd table and lenient config option
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAdd table number option
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAdd lenient option
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAllow for multiple input files to be given
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniSet no traceback setting earlier
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniMake optional arguments more explicit
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniExit if specified config file does not exist
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement cache config option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd menu keybindings to config
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniGet help menu text dynamically from config file
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd quit_key option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniReplace $EDITOR in menu with actual editor
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniPickle before opening in $EDITOR
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniFollow XDG_CACHE_HOME
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniStop using setuptools data_files for config
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniClear message in menu better
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement color customization config option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement progress_char config option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement startup config options
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement show_menu_at_end config option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniImplement confirm_quit config option
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAllow for config files to be incomplete
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary config file support
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniDocument quit keybinding
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniMove percent done from right to left
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd quit confirmation
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd progress bar
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniMove edit file keybinding into control menu v0.6.0
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniFix purge option
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniFix side output in bar and header
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniHandle exceptions and exit codes better
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniAdd option to start in a specific view
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniChange flip cards option to a view
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniClean up sidebar implementation
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary views support
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniModify mvwin() positioning
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniRemove update_panels()
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniReduce number of screen refreshes
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniRemove main_win
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniRemove ability to go left to quit the menu
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniAdd size checker to terminal
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniChanging version in changes everywhere
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniTruncate bar if too long
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate user interface
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniFix sort function
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniRemove setter and getter methods
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniRestructure menu and help into seperate classes
2021-02-11 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unused variables
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniResolve TODO and rename ntotal()
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniMake menus more logical
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unnecessary plus signs to concat strings
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniMake percent complete end at 100%
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniMake background transparent
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniFix project structure
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniFix pickle implementation
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate docstrings
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniFix str + str to int + int concatenation issue
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniRestructure files
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniMake parser reject single column tables
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniRemove purge-all option
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniChange Card() from extending list to independent
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniMove card flipping methods from Status to Card
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniOnly grab data from first table in file
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniCompress error exit
2021-02-08 Armaan BhojwaniReformat using Black
2021-02-08 Armaan BhojwaniAdd rough panel support
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniBump version to 0.6.0
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniBump version number v0.5.0
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniComment and clean code
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniOnly cache stack
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate bar/sidebar layout
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd alphabetize option
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd sidebar of starred cards
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniSet index to 0 before saving if at end of set
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniRemove unused variables
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniChange menu text based on how the menu was opened
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniClean up pickle implementation
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniClean up v0.4.0
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniChange shuffle/reverse logic
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniStyle according to Flake8
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniCache the stack and headers
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary pickle support
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniMake control menu always accessible with "m"
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniZfill percent done to 2 places
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniClean up
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniRemove executable permission on some files
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniAdd ability to back out of end-of-deck menu
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniFix backwards arrow keys
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniClean up bar implementation
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniChange how percent done is calculated
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniMake file not found error print more standard