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2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAdd table number option
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAdd lenient option
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniAllow for multiple input files to be given
2021-02-14 Armaan BhojwaniMake optional arguments more explicit
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate lightcards-config manpage
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniStop using setuptools data_files for config
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd lightcards-config() manpage
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary config file support
2021-02-13 Armaan BhojwaniDocument quit keybinding
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniMove edit file keybinding into control menu v0.6.0
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniHandle exceptions and exit codes better
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniAdd option to start in a specific view
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniChange flip cards option to a view
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary views support
2021-02-12 Armaan BhojwaniChanging version in changes everywhere
2021-02-10 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate manpages
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate error code section of manpage
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniAdd input file section to manpage
2021-02-09 Armaan BhojwaniRemove purge-all option
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniBump version to 0.6.0
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniBump version number v0.5.0
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd alphabetize option
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniChange shuffle/reverse logic
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniAdd preliminary pickle support
2021-02-01 Armaan BhojwaniMake control menu always accessible with "m"
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniBump version to 0.4.0
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniAdd keybinding to open file in editor v0.3.0
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniBump version number
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniAdd keybindings section to manpage
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate slogan and packaging info
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniAdd flip option
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniAdd reverse option
2021-01-31 Armaan BhojwaniPush version to 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2021-01-30 Armaan BhojwaniUpdate manpage
2021-01-25 Armaan BhojwaniFirst commit